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Megatrends in Packaging: The Digital Age









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Are Creatives Having a Major VDP Attitude Change? <a href="http://printing-in-china.com/box-printing/">boxes and packaging</a> <a href="http://printing-in-china.com/box-printing/">custom packaging</a> By Mike Harvey September 9, 2005 -- Doing more print jobs a lot sooner requires more staff period in traditional printing, often driving costs as much as prohibitive levels. So when traditional print shops add an electronic digital print-on-demand capability to produce fast turnarounds of short-run jobs, they typically seek to generate them using a more automated workflow that reduces production costs even while processes become more difficult. That requirement will be the allure behind the modern developments from the industry&rsquo;s ongoing shift toward a much more automated workflow. Two labor-intensive functional areas particularly -- customer interactions and pre-press file preparation -- include the focus of numerous current time- and cash-saving initiatives. These functional areas are benefiting from your industry&rsquo;s growing embrace of platform-independent extendable standards, for instance Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) for print files and JDF (Job Description Format) for electronic job tickets. The attempts are enabling some leading print shops to approach The Holy Grail of workflow --totally lights out, non-stop, Web-to-print production. Customer interactions and pre-press file preparation will be the focus of countless current time- and funds-saving initiatives. Such systems besides reduce production costs, but open the entrance to profitable new applications, for example corporate print fulfillment, coordinated marketing programs for distribution channels, and remote print services. Many of such are recurring jobs that generate significant revenue and strong customer loyalty and satisfaction. They permit print providers in order to avoid competing solely on price &mdash; an evergrowing trend for several traditional print services &mdash; while forming the idea for further strategic, partner-like relationships using customers. Automating Customer Interactions Today&rsquo;s leading Web-based storefronts automate job ordering plus a host of other customer interactions, while linking to automated production capabilities. For example, an area government body from the United Kingdom uses an off-the-shelf software, iWay by PressSense, being a web-based storefront. It permits its users to submit orders, proof his or her documents and personalize document templates &mdash; all from your web-based interface. Web-based storefronts automate job ordering and also a host of other customer interactions, while linking to automated production capabilities. The system also facilitates production by automatically generating job production tickets, automatically merging data for personalized documents, and providing some automated workflow functions for PDF files, including basic pre-flighting and easy imposition. The system has dramatically improved the store&rsquo;s service and value controls. Printing and proofing turnarounds have already been reduced from a couple of weeks to 2-3 days, while generating monthly savings of &pound;1,500 to &pound;2,500, allowing printed shop to look at on additional business. Recently, the iWay system was optimized for your Xerox FreeFlow Digital Workflow Collection permitting PDF or JDF files being sent for an unlimited amount of customer-configured workflows for automated file preparation and printing. Another tool, Web Services, provides compatibility with optional legacy file formats, and compliance while using JDF job-ticketing standard. Printing and proofing turnarounds are already reduced from 2-4 weeks to 2 to 3 days, while generating monthly savings of &pound;1,500 to &pound;2,500 A Los Angeles-based talent agency for actors uses this capability because front-end with an archive which allows agents to simply locate, view and print scripts and actor&rsquo;s photos. Lights Out, No Camera, Just Action INDOX Services, a document services company with locations in Denver, Kansas City and St. Louis, recently won a serious account by integrating its Web-based job submission capability with automated pre-press file preparation. The result is surely an efficient and price-effective system for producing marketing materials on behalf of the major manufacturer to its distributors. The manufacturing company was outsourcing its output of manuals, bulletins, spec sheets along with product support materials, which its distributors order from the business Web site. Now the client&rsquo;s Web server passes these orders to INDOX, in which a custom application processes the transaction and pulls the best PDF file from the client&rsquo;s FTP site. An INDOX staff member places the file, without opening it, inside a hot folder for automatic production from the correct workflow using the correct imposition and around the correct printer, as based on automatic pre-flight analysis on the file. INDOX Services now receives several as 120 orders every day and prints about 400,000 pages monthly to back up the appliance. INDOX Services now receives numerous as 120 orders per day and prints about 400,000 pages monthly to aid the application form. Yet, depending within the day&rsquo;s workload, the staffing requirement is three or four fewer people compared to three in order to 5 or higher who worked the appliance for the previous outsourcing firm. &ldquo;This is currently certainly one of our reference applications, giving us a fantastic marketing talk track about how precisely we&rsquo;re building in efficiencies,&rdquo; said Kris Gunn, director of Information Technology, INDOX Services. A PDF-JDF Future The JDF specification is created to enable standardized job tickets for being developed by job initiators and appended by print providers that you follow the position throughout its lifecycle. As more JDF-compliant products reach this market and JDF job tickets gain wider use, printing becomes a lot more automated and error-free. As more JDF-compliant products reach this market and JDF job tickets gain wider use, printing becomes all the more automated and error-free. Already today, their early iterations of JDF plus the highly robust PDF format will provide competitive advantages for most printers -- and pointing the best way to your future by which The Holy Grail of truly automated workflow is attainable. ,Inkjet...Droplets Making Cents!  
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